Call Wasatch County Dispatch (435) 654-1411 before burn begins and once fire is completly out.

Please read though all burn requirements before contacting Wasatch Fire (435) 940-9636 for an onsite inspection before burn begins. 

Burn Permits

  • Burn permits are needed in unincorporated state and private land from June 1st to October 31st. 

  • Burn permits can take up to 24 hours to be approved. 

  • On site inspection will be required. 

  • Clearing index must be above 500 feet.

  • Wind speed can be no greater then 12 mph.

  • Click Here to check the clearing index.


Open Burn Requirements

  • Pile size should be approximately 10' x 10 ' x 5'. A larger pile size may be approved by inspector.  

  • Only natural vegetation can be burned such as tree branches. 

  • ABSOLUTELY no construction material, hay, or straw. 

  • Some form of tool or water supply is required to be on site. 

  • No burning will be permitted after dusk. Fire must be out before dark. 

  • Must stay with fire until completely out.