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Barn Fire in Charleston January 15, 2016

Wasatch County Fire was paged to a barn fire in Charleston on Friday January 15th at 10:15 pm.  Upon arrival the barn was fully engulfed.  There was hay both inside and outside the barn that was involved also.  Fire fighters assisted property owners is relocating four bulls that were near the barn.  There were overhead power lines above the barn and stacked hay.  Heber Light and Power crews arrived on scent to disconnect the power to the line running above the haystack to allow the fire crews to bring in aerial apparatus to attach the fire from above and deputies from Wasatch County Sheriff Dept assisted with traffic control and scene containment.  When the fire to the haystack was controlled the owners were able to move the 3/4  ton bales that had not burned to another location to allow fire fighter access to the hay that still had hot spots.  Crews remained on the scene throughout the night.  The fire will most likely continue to smoulder for several days.  Saturday and Sunday morning there was still smoke across the valley that will last for several days.  Crews remained throughout Saturday night at the scene assisting the owners with salvage and overhaul and putting out hot spots that flare up as they move the debris.  The cause has us under investigation and at this time and arson is not suspected.

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2014 FIRE RESTRICTIONS have been lifted

Beginning June 1, 2014 a permit will be required prior to burning.




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