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The Fox Bay fire was paged out around noon on July 27, 2015.  An observant resident called 911 after smelling smoke in the area.  Jordanelle Fire units were on site within 1 minute and engines arrived from the valley floor within several minutes.  Law enforcement also arrived and quickly evacuated the area.  Residents were sent to shelter at the Stillwater Lodge.

Fire fighters began fighting the fire from the Fox Bay side and additional units flanked the other sides to quickly contain the fire.  Within 3 hours the fire was 100% contained with no structures damaged.  The residents were allowed to return to their homes after containment.  Currently there is a tanker staged at the scene to watch for hot spots.  The cause of the fire is under investigation at this time. There was a short power outage just prior to the page but it has not been determined if that had anything to do with the cause.



11402895_686807421420575_5018564767318896579_o The fire was just below Fox Bay. Attack lines were set up above and below the fire 11741011_686807524753898_3118097848703510303_o





The fire is now 100% contained. One tanker will stay on site for a few hours to watch for hot spots.


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2014 FIRE RESTRICTIONS have been lifted

Beginning June 1, 2014 a permit will be required prior to burning.




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