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February 26, 2014                                                                  

Wasatch County Fire Board

25 North Main

Heber City, Utah 84032

Re:       Emergency Services Plan for Strawberry Ranch

Proposal per February 19, 2014 Committee Meeting


A Wasatch County Fire Board meeting was held on February 19, 2014 to discuss an emergency services plan for the Strawberry Ranch development.

Those attending the meeting:

Steve Capson – County Council

Steve Farrell – County Council

Greg McPhie – County Council

Mike Davis – County Manager

Ernie Giles – County Fire Chief

Clint Neerings – County Fire Marshal

Dan Matthews – Strawberry Ranch SSD

Burke Roney – Strawberry Highlands LLC

Paul Berg – Berg Engineering

Scott Sweat- County Attorney

Janet Carson- Clerk

This letter provides the proposal prepared by the Wasatch County Fire Board.  The Wasatch County Fire Board must adopt an emergency services plan before Strawberry Ranch is considered for preliminary approval by the County Council.


Initial Emergency Services Plan

1.  A minimum of two (2) Strawberry Ranch employees that are trained as volunteer fire fighters / EMS personal shall be onsite a minimum of 40 hours per week once a structure is occupied or winters activities at the resort begin.


       2.  All Strawberry Ranch employees that are proposed to be volunteer fire fighters must be approved by the Wasatch County Fire Board.  The Wasatch County Fire Board will consider the recommendations of the Fire Chief prior to considering approval of any volunteer fire fighter under this proposed agreement.


       3.  A structure engine and a brush truck shall be permanently housed at the Strawberry Ranch development once a structure is occupied.  A temporary structure is anticipated to house the fire equipment for the initial phases of the development until the fire station shown on the master plan is constructed in Phase 1d.   The temporary structure shall be approved by the Wasatch County Fire Board and the Fire Chief.  The temporary structure shall be designed to have the capability to manage an incident of any complexity or duration.

4.  A brush truck shall be onsite during construction of the first phase of the development.  This truck is not required to be housed in a structure, unless weather conditions deem otherwise.

If Strawberry Ranch fails to provide two (2) approved volunteer fire fighters / EMS personal as outlined in this proposal, Wasatch County may use special service district employees that are certified, and associated with Wasatch County Fire District as fire fighters / EMS, to help fulfill the required 40 hour per week shifts (or a possibility of 24 hour shifts)  and/or use Wasatch County fire fighters to help fulfill the required 40 hours per week shifts.  Strawberry Ranch would be billed for these services through the Strawberry Ranch Special Service District.

Phasing Plan

Before approval of each phase in the development process, at approximately 35 to 45 ERUs, the Wasatch County Fire Board and the Wasatch County Fire Chief will review the necessary needs and requirements of future phases that may arise in the evolution of the Strawberry Ranch development and adjust requirements based on emergency equipment and personnel needs.  Safety or Emergency concerns that may arise between the plat signings will be addressed with the Developer and the Fire Board.

The emergency services master plan for Strawberry Ranch includes the following equipment and facilities.  A bond shall be posted for the permanent Emergency Services building (fire station).  Wasatch County shall be deeded the site and the Emergency Services building to be built by the developer.  The Wasatch County Fire Board and Fire Chief will determine when these items are implemented as they review the final plans for each phase.

Equipment and Facilities

Structure Engine

Wildland Tactical Tender

Brush Truck


Fire Station

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