Wasatch County Fire

Protecting & Serving in Wasatch County


Wasatch County Fire and EMS are currently setting up times to visit the council and board meetings of each community in Wasatch County with a presentation on the status of these services to the residents of Wasatch County.  Please click on the link below to review the information that they will be addressing.

Wasatch County Fire


Wasatch County Fire Marshal


 The Heber Valley Fire Department was originally created in 1921 to provide fire protection to the citizens of the Heber Valley.  In 1987 the Wasatch County Fire Protection District was organized to provide fire coverage throughout the county to the communities of Heber, Midway, Wallsburg, Charleston, Daniels, Independence, Hideout and the unincorporated areas of the county.

Wasatch County Fire Department’s response area covers 1175.50 Square miles.  WCFD is an all hazard response agency providing Structural Fire Protection, Wildland Fire Suppression, Technical Hazardous Material Response, Emergency Medical Response, and Fire Prevention/Education to a permanent population of 23,530 citizens with a summer population spike from 40,000 to 100,000 at peak times.

Department Flow Chart

 Official Assessment List Pre-BOE (12-5-2012)


  1. Staci Shore on said:

    Could you please tell me your policy regarding fire hydrants in the winter, who is responsible to keep them clear?

    • Please check with your various local ordinances, as different areas have different rules, or check with your HOA if applicable. In a lot of instances if the hydrant is in front of your property it is the homeowners responsibility to keep it clear (same as a sidewalk that runs along your property).

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