Wasatch County Fire

Protecting & Serving in Wasatch County



Contact the fire warden at 435-671-8079

In order to preserve to pristine valley air that we all love and enjoy the Warden must approve all burning that takes place so as to prevent smoke accumulation that may present a nuisance as well as health problems and to assess the risk of fire spread to surrounding areas.  EXEMPT are wood burning stoves that are used to heat a home or residence. In order to burn the atmospheric clearing must be above 500 feet, which means the smoke produced by the fire will rise a minimum of 500 feet and be able to disperse adequately as to prevent an inversion type situation. ALSO the wind speed CANNOT be greater than 9 miles per hour during any part of the forecast period so as to prevent embers from igniting surrounding material. To view this information CLICK HERE. For the clearing height check “MAX CLEARING INDEX” and for the wind speed forecast check “WIND”. After receiving approval  from the fire warden you must contact the sheriff departments dispatch prior to ignition and upon completion. You will need to know the address of where your burn is to take place.

ALL BURN DAYS ARE SUBJECT TO STATE AND FEDERAL NO BURN DAYS OR PERIODS depending on drought conditions. Certain areas are designated as ABSOLUTE NO BURN AREAS due to the surrounding vegetation, development or high risk of fire spread that may become uncontrollable. Any fire regardless of its size, nature or surroundings must be COMPLETELY EXTINGUISHED when not supervised and if any complaints are expressed by neighbors or others, the fire must be extinguished immediately.

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