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Building Permit Requirements


Building Permit Requirement Details

Building Permit Approval Form : Editable Format


Prior to issuing Fire District approval of a building permit the following are required:

All permits must comply to International Fire Code 2015 and State Amendments

  1. Driveway and Access: Emergency access  is required as per IFC 503
    • 20 Foot width (503.2.1) of “all weather driving capabilities” (IFC 503.2.3) for the entirety of the access to the structure.
      • Minimum unobstructed height of 13’6″ (503.2.1)
    • Structures other than R-3 occupancies:
      • if  building height is in excess of 30 feet to the eves the access must be a minimum of 26 feet.
      • Secondary access may be required (503.1.2)
    • Maximum of 12% grade unless exception is approved by the Fire Chief (503.2.7)
    • Approved Turn Around: any dead end road in excess of 150 feet shall be provided with  an approved emergency vehicle turn around (503.2.5)
    • Gates: any gate obstructing access for emergency vehicles shall be provided with S.O.S. activation (gate opens with the use of police, ambulance and fire truck sirens) as well as keypad programmed with fire district access code for the area. (503.6)
    • Angle of Approach: the entrance from a public way to a private drive must intersect the public way at a 90 degree angle and be less than 5% slope for the first 10 feet. (503.2.8)
    • Bridges: Bridges must be 20 feet in width unless approved and must be rated to support 75,000 pounds.
    • Turning Radius: 45 foot outside turning radius unless approved by the code official.(503.2.4)
  2. Hydrant must be within 600 feet of structure as measures along and approved route.
  3. Fire Sprinkler Plans (if applicable)
    • Fire Sprinkler plans must be uploaded PRIOR to permit approval. Plans must include fire sprinkler plans, hydraulic calculations, third party peer review of hydraulic calculations and material submittal.
  4. Propane Permit (if applicable)
    • If propane is being utilized a propane permit must be submitted to the Wasatch County Fire District prior to installation. Permit must include the proposed installation site with all set backs from structures, lot lines, driveways and roads. Propane tank must be installed as per IFC Chapter 61 and Table 6104.3 See propane permit HERE
    • Upload propane permit to Permit Site.
  5. Required Access to Interior of Structure: Commercial Buildings
    • Commercial buildings may be required to install a KNOX BOX where access in necessary for life saving or firefighting operations in an APPROVED locations. 506.1. WCFD only requires keys to access the main access of a structure, fire riser room, fire alarm panel and any other pertinent doors after consultation with building owner.
    • Order online at KNOXBOX.COM under Wasatch Co Fire Dist


  • Fire Sprinkler Plans
  • Fire Sprinkler Review
  • Fire Sprinkler Material Submittals
  • Propane Permit
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