Wasatch County Fire

Protecting & Serving in Wasatch County


The Fire Marshal oversees fire safety throughout the county under the direction of the Fire Chief. This is done by conducting annual or semi annual inspections on businessess throughout the county to ensure operating conditions are not endangering life or property. Inspections are also required seasonally on fireworks stands as well as to any type of mass gathering in an attempt to mitigate accidents or injury. The Fire Marshal is also over the inspection of new construction that requires fire sprinkler protection whether it be residential, commercial or industrial.

Wasatch County Fire District employs 9 firefighters that are Fire Inspector 1 certified, 3 that are International Code Council Fire Inspector 1 certified and 1 that is International Code Council Fire Inspector 2 certified.

FINAL WFD Fee Schedule 7-2022


Propane Permit PDF

Propane Permit Editable

Fireworks Permit WCFD 2019

Blast Permit Contact Fire District and Sherrifs Dispatch prior to blasting.

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