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Fire District Financial Advisory Services RFP

Request For Proposals for Financial Advisory Services                                                        February 17, 2021

Notice is hereby given, that Wasatch Fire District is requesting proposals from qualified firms to provide financial advisory services to Wasatch Fire District pertaining to any and all bond transactions or other financings over the terms of the contract.

This RFP is effective February 17, 2021 and final proposals are due by Wednesday March 3, 2021 no later than 12:00 pm mountain time.  It is anticipated that the selection process will take less than five business days to complete.  If you have any questions, please contact Kristen at kristen@wasatchfire.org or 435-940-9636 (email preferred).

General Instructions

  1. Purpose.  The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP), including attachments, is to solicit proposals from qualified firms to enable Wasatch Fire District (WFD) to select a financial advisory service pertaining to any and all bond or similar transactions.  This RFP is part of a competitive procurement process which is intended to serve the best interests of the District and the citizens it serves. It also provides each qualified firm responding to this RFP with a fair opportunity for its services to be considered.  WFD anticipates entering into a relationship with the successful respondent, the firm selected will be expected to provide financial advisory services to WFD over the term of the contract.
  • Scope.  This RFP explains WFD’s requirements and requests information regarding the products, prices, and expected delivery schedule that your company can provide to satisfy WFD’s need for financial advisory services.  This RFP does not constitute an offer to contract, but rather seeks to establish a common framework within which an agreement may be reached with the successful respondent.  The financial advisor shall provide advice and assistance regarding the fiscal and other matters that are preliminary to the incurrence of deb (bonds) by the District, provide advice and assistance on the structuring/ issuance/ method of sale/ notes/loans and other forms of debt being considered by the District.  The financial advisor shall also provide information on current methods available for financing the construction of facilities, provide information about fixed income market conditions/interest rates/ and revenues available as well as other bond market and financial information requested by the District. Other duties of the financial advisor may be: provide advice on placement of debt including acting as an information agent for the District in communications with prospective purchasers of bonds/notes/loans, prepared detailed numerical analysis of cost savings and benefits, extend services as necessary to insure that all projects are brought to a successful conclusion on behalf of the District in a professional manner, and engage in any services as assigned or negotiated.
  • Company Overview.  WFD is a Fire Protection Special Service District located in Wasatch County, Utah.  WFD provides for all fire protection, suppression and inspection services for all citizens and properties located within the boundaries of Wasatch County, Utah as well as EMS and Hazmat services.  WFD was created by Wasatch County, but operates as a separate entity.  WFD operates from a General Fund using property taxes collected by Wasatch County. WFD also has 3 additional funds: 1) an impact fee fund, the impact fees are collected by the district, 2) a Capital Project fund, and 3) Reserve fund, to handle employee cash outs upon retirement.
  • Disclaimers

1.         Legal Status. This RFP does not constitute, and should not be interpreted as, a legal contract between WFD and any bidder.  The submission of a proposal to WFD, and subsequent evaluation of that proposal by WFD, does not constitute any kind of legal contract, even if all the required functions and features stated in the RFP are fully met.

  • Role of RFP.  WFD reserves the right to accept or reject any and all proposals, and to waive any formality or technicality in any proposal, and to enter into discussions and/or negotiations with more than one qualified supplier at the same time.
  • RFP Costs.  Any and all expenses incurred by a bidder in connection with its proposal and any interviews, presentations, discussions, or negotiations related thereto shall be borne solely by bidder.  All submittals shall be the property of WFD.
  • Submission Procedures.
  1. WFD reserves the right to revise the RFP document prior to the date set for receipt of proposals.  WFD will announce any such revisions, which shall become part of the RFP.  WFD will furnish copies of any addendum to all prospective bidders who have timely indicated in a Proposal Response Letter that they will submit a proposal.
  • Before submitting a proposal, bidder should ascertain all of the project conditions and requirements.  Failure to take this precaution will not release the successful bidder from performing the work in strict compliance with the terms of the contract.  If, in the judgment of bidder, any item in this document is unclear or ambiguous, bidder understands and agrees that it has an affirmative duty to ask questions and request clarification.  Bidder should contact Kristen at kristen@wasatchfire.org or (435) 940-9636 for clarification of any aspects of the RFP.
  • Submission Format and Time Frame.

Proposals must be submitted as two separate documents: a Quality Proposal (with no pricing information), and a Price Proposal.

  1. Your proposal can be mailed to:

                                    Wasatch Fire District

10420 N. Jordanelle Blvd.

Heber City, Utah 84032

                        **if the Proposal Documents are submitted by mail they must be submitted in sealed format           

Or emailed to:


  • The proposal must be received by Wednesday March 3, 2021 no later than 12:00 p.m.

`                 No oral or telephone bids will be considered.  It is the responsibility of the bidder to see that its proposal is received by the stated proposal due date.  Any proposal received after the stated due date may be rejected.  Any request for an extension to the deadline must be made in writing, submitted 48 hours prior to the proposal due date, stating the reason for the requested extension.  Any extension granted shall be solely at the discretion of WFD.  If WFD grants an extension to one bidder, WFD shall extend the same extension to all bidders.  All submissions must be in English, and all prices in US Dollars.  Responses should be as precise as possible.  Supporting information expanding upon specific responses may be provided, in the form of an addendum to the main submission.  Bidders are invited to identify the strengths and attributes of their company, product, strategy, or vision that best qualifies them to meet this RFP.  WFD reserves the right to reject any responses that fail to comply with the stated format.

  • Invoice Payment Terms.  WFD requires payment terms of net 30, and those terms will be considered accepted by the bidder unless specifically addressed in bidder’s response to the RFP.
  • Submission Evaluation.
  1. Proposals will be evaluated and ranked by WFD.  Upon completion of WFD’s evaluation, each bidder will be informed of the status of its response.  At bidder’s sole expense, bidder may be asked to attend a meeting in Heber City (or via zoom) to answer specific questions regarding its proposal, provide a presentation, and demonstrate its product and services.
  • Bid criteria will be based on:  past experience in providing similar services, availability, price, and vendor reputation and stability.

Bidders Response Criteria

            Proposals should be submitted in two separate files: a Quality Proposal and a Price Proposal

            Quality Proposals should address the following issues:

  1. Financial Stability.  Provide your company’s profile (e.g., annual report detailing background, financial reports, management experience and tenure, profitability, etc.) or provide web link. 
  1. Company Locations.  Indicate your company’s locations that would be able to provide on going support services to WFD
  1. Advisory Function.  Identify how your company proposes to perform WFD’s financial advisory needs. Describe your experience in providing such services.
  1. Safety.  WFD is committed to safety.  That includes the safety of employees, vendors, contractors and the general public.  The successful bidder must commit to adhering and upholding the highest safety standards.
  1. References.  Each bidder shall provide a list of four major customers/users or alliance relationships, including contact individuals, company names, addresses, and phone numbers.
  1. Conflict of Interest– A statement indicating whether the responder has any potential conflict of interest that would affect the ability to fairly represent the District. If there are conflicts of interest the respondent shall provide the names of the individuals or entities involved, the nature of the conflict and the steps the responder will take to avoid conflicts
  1. Effective Management of WFD’s Account.  Give detailed information concerning your ability to provide the following:
  1. A dedicated account manager to respond to questions etc.
  2. Understanding of the intent and implications of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act as it pertains to the bond industry.

As noted above, the Price Proposal must be submitted as a separate file.

  1.  Pricing.  The Price Proposal must set forth the prices Bidder will charge for the financial advisory services to be provided hereunder.

End of Closed Fire Season Notice

A special thank you to the town of Daniel for their support!

Wasatch County 2020 Fire Restriction Information

Summit and Wasatch County Restriction CLO2011 Effective Aug 13 - signed


More Fire Restriction information can be found at the following links:

04-19-458 Fire Restriction Map

Fire Restrictions News Release

04-19-458 Signed Stage 1 Fire Restriction Order

2020 Firework Information

Please click on the firework restrictions maps below to see where the designated firework areas are.





Please click on the link below for firework sales dates as well as discharge dates and times.

2020 Firework Dates

You can also visit the state fire marshal website for more information on firework safety as well as firework information in Utah.


Everyone stay safe and a have a great Independence Day!



Wasatch Fire District is Hiring!

The Wasatch Fire District is seeking qualified applicants for the position of Full Time Training Officer.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • In charge of all Fire Department training for Fire and EMS
  • Develops training programs for Fire and EMS crews
  • Maintains recognized national Fire and EMS standards
  • Works with local, state and federal agencies to make sure training requirements are met and training certificates are kept up to date
  • Works with online training programs to spread information to crews and volunteers
  • Tracks all training records

Minimum Qualifications

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Fire I and Fire II
  • Hazmat Operations Awareness
  • AEMT or higher
  • Knowledge of the English language, both verbal and written.


Resumes will be accepted beginning Monday May 18, 2020 and ending at noon on Friday May 29, 2020.  Please email all resumes to kristen@wasatchfire.org .  A detailed position description can be obtained below.  Wasatch Fire District is an equal opportunity employer and a drug/alcohol free workplace.  Wage range $22-30/hr DOE.  Benefits and retirement available.

Position Title: ………. Training Officer

Division: ……………. Operations
Supervised by: ………Fire Chief
Supervises: ………….. Not a Direct Supervisor
Status: ………………..Full Time/ Hourly /Non Exempt
Standard Shift: …….. 4/10’s or 5/8’s


Administer all department training for Fire and EMS personnel


Works under the general guidance and direction of the Fire Chief.


Not a direct supervisor.


  • In charge of the development and implementation of all fire and ems training
  • Ensures that the fire department and its employees remain up to date with all trainings in accordance with national standards.
  • In charge of the development and presentation of educational programs for initial and continuing education for the department
  • Maintains, inventories and supports EMS training equipment
  • Maintains all department training records
  • Assists with the administration of the Fire and EMS core competency program for all firefighter/EMT’s
  • Trains the public and county personnel in emergency care and fire safety prevention.
  • Performs duties as directed by the fire chief
  • Maintains positive working relationships with WCFD members.
  • Instructs classes in assigned subject areas.
  • Instruct safety classes.
  • Assists in developing plans for emergency preparedness and training crews for different emergency scenarios
  • Assists with the educational component of clinical treatment pathways for practice of paramedics
  • Conducts or organizes training for personnel in code enforcement.
  • Provides public education in fire prevention, including giving talks, demonstrations, and presentations before community groups, and other organizations or institutions.
  • Conduct monthly after-hours trainings for fire and ems volunteers.


  • Assists in other district administrative activities, as assigned.
  • Respond and assist fire and ems personnel as needed.
  • Promote a safe working environment throughout the district
  • Communicate professionally via phone and email.
  • Work with computer training programs as well as basic computer programs such as word and excel.



Education and Experience:

  • High school diploma or GED.
  • Must be able to pass a pre-employment drug test.
  • Must be able to pass a pre-employment physical
  • Fire Fighter I Certification from Utah Fire and Rescue Academy, or equivalent from other state fire certification programs
  • Fire Fighter II Certification from Utah Fire and Rescue Academy, or equivalent from other state fire certification programs
  • AEMT or higher
  • First Aid/CPR
  • Hazmat Awareness Certification from Utah Fire and Rescue Academy, or equivalent from other state fire certification programs
  • Hazmat Operations Certification from Utah Fire and Rescue Academy, or equivalent from other state fire certification programs


Necessary Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Extensive knowledge of:
  • Modern fire prevention principles, procedures, techniques and equipment.
  • Modern medical procedures, techniques and equipment with a specific focus on first response treatments.
  • Fire suppression techniques and equipment.
  • Working knowledge of:
  • Firefighting tactics.
  • Skill in the operation of listed tools and equipment.
  • Computer programs such as word and excel
  • Email communications
  • Ability to:
  • Follow verbal and written instructions.
  • Communicate effectively, orally and in writing.
  • Establish effective working relationships with WCFD members, other agencies, and the public.
  • Effectively apply standard fire prevention techniques.
  • Act effectively in emergency and stressful situations.
  • Meet Special Requirements, as listed.



  • Any additional continuing education in Fire Science.
  • Experience working with volunteers in fire, EMS, or dual service.
  • Paramedic Certification
  • Knowledge of training programs such as image trend.
  • Familiarity with:
  • Wasatch County Fire District area, including familiarity of all of Wasatch County.
  • Wasatch Fire District Policies and Procedures.



  • Must be 18 years or older at time of hire.
  • Must possess, or be able to obtain by time of hire, a valid Utah State driver’s license.
  • No felony convictions or disqualifying criminal histories within the past seven years.
  • Must have and maintain EVO (Emergency Vehicle Operator) License
  • Must be able to read, write, and speak the English language.
  • Must meet insurability requirements of district insurance carrier.
  • Must keep all required licenses up to date and active
  • Must participate in continuing education and certifications as assigned by the Fire Chief



May include any or all of the following: Formal application, review of education and experience; written examination and assessment center; personal interview; background/driver’s license verification and check; hiring list; offer of employment; post offer physical examination including drug screen.


Vehicle, radio, pager, personal computer, calculator, telephone, tape recorder, photo and video equipment, detection and monitoring equipment.



The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by a member to successfully perform the essential functions of this job.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

While performing the duties of this job, the member is frequently required to stand; sit; walk; talk or hear; use hands to finger, handle, or operate objects, tools, or controls; and reach with hands and arms.  The member is occasionally required to climb or balance; stoop, kneel, crouch, or crawl; and taste or smell.  The member must frequently lift and/or move up to 50 pounds and occasionally lift and/or move up to 175 pounds.  Specific vision abilities required by this job include close, distance, color, and peripheral vision, depth perception, and the ability to adjust focus



The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those a member encounters while performing the essential functions of this job.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

While performing the duties of this job, the member works primarily in office, vehicle, and outdoor settings in all weather conditions, including temperature extremes, during day and night.   Work is occasionally performed in emergency and stressful situations.  Individual is exposed to sirens and hazards associated with fighting fires including smoke, noxious odors, fumes, chemicals, liquid chemicals, solvents, and oils.

The member occasionally works near moving mechanical parts and in high, precarious places and is occasionally exposed to wet and/or humid conditions, fumes or airborne particles, toxic or caustic chemicals, radiation, risk of electrical shock, and vibration.

The noise level in the work environment is usually quiet in office settings, moderate during daily work routines, and loud at emergency scenes.

The duties listed above are intended only as illustrations of the various types of work that may be performed.  The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related or a logical assignment to the position.  The job description does not constitute an employment agreement between the employer and member and is subject to change by the employer as the needs of the employer and requirements of the job change.  Wasatch County Fire District is an equal opportunity employer and maintains a drug and alcohol-free environment.


Saddle Fire Press Release May 15, 2020

Coronavirus Information


Retiring Firefighters

At the Fire District annual summer party we honored retirees Kent Hylton and Roger Ford. They have been dedicated volunteers for many years. Together they have over 45 years of service. Thanks for your dedication to serving the residents of Wasatch County and we wish you a happy retirement.


Fire Sprinkler Demonstration Video

Don Buckley,  with the Utah Fire Sprinkler Coalition came to Wasatch County earlier this week to put on a demonstration about fire suppression sprinklers.  We are so thankful to all of those who were able to come out and support Wasatch County Fire District and learn from this great demonstration!  For those of you that weren’t able to make it, we have put together a video and some key facts regarding fire sprinklers.

In this video the first 2 minutes shows a room without sprinklers becoming engulfed, the second part of the video shows the room with fire sprinklers and how effectively they suppress the fire.  Hope you enjoy!


Fire sprinkler facts and statistics:

*In the event of a house fire you have an average of 3 minutes to get out of the house

*The average time for a room to become fully engulfed is 4 minutes

*The average response time for a fire department is 6-10 minutes (or longer depending on the distance the fire department needs to travel, road conditions, traffic etc..)

*When the room in this demo is engulfed it is about 1,000 degrees

*The #1 cause of death for firefighters is cancer.  When materials are burned they release toxic fumes into the air, these toxins get on the firefighters gear and can be breathed in.  Fire sprinklers are “green” and help minimize toxin levels.

*If one fire sprinkler is triggered, they don’t all go off.  Fire sprinklers are triggered by heat, not smoke, and only the sprinkler in the area of the fire will go off.

*A fire hose puts out 150-250 GPM (gallons per minute), whereas fire sprinklers put out 13-25 GPM, causing much less water damage in a home.

*It takes an average of 6-12 months to be able to live in your home again after a fire.

*The overall cost to put fire sprinklers in a home is about 1%-2% of the cost of the home.



Here is a link with more information :





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